What is January Adventure?


January Adventure is where thinking about your faith and the Church and learning about Jesus, the Scripture and Christianity may change your life!


Epworth By The Sea where the conference is held.2016 is our 12th year. Thanks for your support. JA 2014 had 631 attendees and JA 2015 648. We expect this next year to be equally good or even better in attendance. Registration begins June 1st.


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The speakers for January Adventure 2016 will be Rev. Robin Meyers and Rev. Lori Walke from Mayflower UCC in Oklahoma City. The titles for Rev. Meyers' topics are: 1) FROM GALILEAN SAGE TO SUPERNATURAL SAVIOR (Or How I Became a Heretic With Help from Jesus), 2) SCIENCE AND THE DEATH OF GOD - Toward a New Definition of Almighty, 3) FAITH AS RESISTANCE - To Ego, Orthodoxy, and Empire. Rev. Meyers and Rev. Walke work closely as a team and we will let you know as program plans develop.


To participate choose the REGISTRATION option from the menu bar. The PROGRAM registration fee is $109.00 per person and does not include room and board. Choose ACCOMMODATIONS from the menu bar for housing and meal plan options.

A word from one of our 2016 speakers ...

Something Old, something New,
something Borrowed, something Blue . . .

January Adventure, 2016

Most of you are familiar with this wedding admonition, but it has particular relevance to this year’s January Adventure. At age 63, although I might not be “old”, I strive to carry on the Marcus Borg tradition of Progressive Christianity, where head and heart are equal partners in faith. As the pastor of the same congregation for 30 years, I bring much that I have learned about this strange profession, and what I have to offer is both progressive and proudly “old school.”

As for something “new,” it seems like the perfect time to introduce the faithful of January Adventure to what is coming next. Rev. Lori Walke may not be a household name, but she will be soon. A law school and seminary graduate before age 30, (one seminary professor called the best student he has ever taught), Lori is not only a millennial, but was raised Southern Baptist. Now she is not only ignoring that rule about women not speaking in church, she is a third-wave feminist theologian and one of the most gifted communicators in the country.

As for something “borrowed,” Lori and I work together to make church happen every Sunday at Mayflower. So you will not only have scholars among you, but two working pastors. Yet by your gracious invitation, we “borrow” all the advantages of your hard work in making January Adventure such an important and successful event. You are “loaning” us this high honor, and we are grateful to borrow the fruits of your labors as we bring you the fruits of our ministry.

Last, but not least, there is something “blue” about this year’s January Adventure. Only days ago we learned of the death of Phyllis Tickle. She had planned to join me in providing leadership this year, but then came the news of her terminal cancer. Phyllis died with as much dignity as the wisdom she possessed about religion in America. Even so, there is something redemptive and appropriate about what will happen at January Adventure this year. Where there is no death, Phyllis used to say, there is no resurrection. While we grieve, we also keep one eye facing east, and wait for the joy that comes in the morning. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Lori and I look forward to seeing you at January Adventure!

        Robin Meyers